Providers & Educators

Great Start to Quality offers a variety of resources for all programs and child care providers. These resources range from direct assistance from a Great Start to Quality Resource Center to documents that will help you better understand Great Start to Quality.

The local Great Start to Quality Resource Centers offer:

  • Access to various tools and resources for your program.
  • A lending library with different types of learning materials.
  • Support with the Great Start to Quality rating process.

Resources for programs and providers include:

  • Documents to help you understand and navigate the rating process.
  • General information about Great Start to Quality.
  • Opportunities to find professional development trainings that meet your needs.
Potential Warning Signs of Homelessness
95.52 KB PDF file
A document to reference for potential warning signs of homelessness.
Professional Development Training Certificate Example
446.93 KB PDF file
An example of the certificate you receive after completing a professional development training through Great Start to Quality.
Program Quality Indicators
351.92 KB PDF file
The program quality indicators on each Self-Assessment Survey along with the possible points for each section and indicator.
Quality Improvement Grant Application Checklist
417.83 KB PDF file
A checklist to follow to make sure you complete each part of the Quality Improvement Grant application process.
Quality Improvement Grant Outcomes
2.61 MB PDF file
Sample Quality Improvement Grant Reporting
70.07 KB PDF file
An example of the report to be completed if you are awarded a Quality Improvement Grant.
Script to help when talking with families experiencing homelessness
58.11 KB PDF file
A script you can use to help when you are talking with families experiencing homelessness
Shared Services Advisory Committee
68.92 KB PDF file
Submit a Self-Assessment Survey
584.4 KB PDF file
Step-by-step instructions for licensed child care programs to submit a Self-Assessment Survey once the rating application has been approved.
The MiRegistry-Great Start to Quality Connection
Date Published: 2019
1 pages, 547.72 KB PDF file
This infographic shows the steps a program needs to take in MiRegistry to participate in Great Start to Quality.