Out-Of-School Time

There is a fantastic opportunity for out-of-school time care and education providers and programs across Michigan.  The Michigan Department of Education has tasked the Early Childhood Investment Corporation to continue to learn more about how to include Out-of-School Time (school age) programs and providers in Great Start to Quality, Michigan’s quality rating and improvement system.  Between June and September 2017 a number of Out-of-School Time programs will participate in a pilot.  Any licensed or registered program or provider serving schoolagers only is eligible for the pilot!

The pilot will be for 20 providers, representing as many licensed or registered care settings as possible that provide care and education for schoolagers.  This will include center-based, school-based, community-based and home-based providers.  Pilot participants will:

  • Complete a Pilot Orientation process,
  • Complete the Michigan Department of Education-Office of Great Start approved pilot Self-Assessment Survey,
  • Receive a no-cost on-site assessment visit, where the appropriate Program Quality Assessment (PQA) tool will be administered by trained Assessors,
  • Receive a Validation Report and PQA report,
  • Leave the pilot with a STAR rating that reflects the quality of their program.

Participants will be eligible for tiered reimbursement through participation in the pilot if the earn at least a 2 STAR rating.  Participants who qualify (earn a 4 or 5 STAR rating) will have their PQA scores incorporated into their final rating.   option of deciding whether they would like to have their PQA score(s) incorporated into their final rating.

Pilot Overview

The goal of this project is to pilot the updated indicators and the self-assessment process that were developed, to measure the quality of programs and providers serving children and schoolagers up to the age of 12.  The pilot will also be testing the School-Age Walk-Through PQA as the on-site assessment tool.  A total of 20 programs and providers will complete the pilot cycle.


The pilot will run from June until September 2017.  A brief outline of the steps in participation are outlined below.  Further details will be provided during the Pilot Orientation webinar.

Pilot participants will:

  1. Complete the Pilot Orientation Webinar
  2. Complete the Self-Assessment Survey to evaluate the program
  3. Upload supporting documentation for all selected indicators
  4. Submit Self-Assessment Survey for Validation
  5. Participate in a validation call to review documentation and provide information about the program
  6. Receive the program's validation report
  7. Be called to schedule an on-site assessment 
  8. Have on-site PQA assessment(s) administered
  9. Receive PQA report
  10. Receive final rating
  11. Complete evaluation surveys throughout the process


The pilot will consist of 20 licensed and registered settings. To participate in the pilot participants must:

  • Be licensed to care for schoolagers only.
  • Complete your Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) within three weeks of receipt.
  • Agree not to photocopy the pilot SAS publicly and must agree to return all copies to ECIC.
  • Participate in on-site assessment, even if it won’t impact the final STAR rating.
  • Agree to complete the evaluation survey after finishing the rating process.

Participants may:

  • Volunteer for a follow-up phone interview after they have finished the rating process.
  • Leave the pilot at any time with no penalty. They will be eligible to participate in Great Start to Quality at another time, if they should choose.


There are a few phases of the pilot, they are briefly outlined below:


  • The first step in the pilot process will require all pilot participants to complete the Orientation webinar before they can access their Program Profile and Self-Assessment Survey.  The webinar will be offered multiple times to give participants a variety of opportunities to complete it.


  • After completing the webinar, pilot participants will receive their pilot Self-Assessment Survey.


  • Once submitted, all Self-Assessment Surveys will be validated.  A Validator, who is trained in the validation process and familiar with the pilot Self-Assessment Survey will review each participants’ completed Self-Assessment Survey and supporting documentation and will determine the points that a program is eligible for on each indicator.
  • During the validation process, Validators will schedule a call with participants to ask any clarifying questions and confirm the provided information.
  • After validation is complete participants will receive a written report sharing the results of their validation.

On-Site Assessment:

  • Participants will then be contacted to schedule their on-site assessment window.
  • After the on-site assessment is completed participants will receive the results of their PQA(s).


  • All pilot participants will be asked to complete three survey opportunities.
    • The first will be after they complete the Validation cycle.
    • The second will be after on-site assessment is completed.
    • The third will be completed after the pilot results are shared.
  • Participants can also elect to participate in a phone interview to further share about their experience in the pilot.


There are variety of benefits to participating in this pilot, including:

  • Pilot ratings will be valid for two years.
  • Free on-site assessment(s) will be administered in all programs, those that qualify will be able to determine if they want their PQA score(s) incorporated into their final STAR rating.
  • Pilot participants will still be eligible for increased subsidy payments if the program accepts children whose families are supported by the Child Development and Care subsidy.
  • Program will not have a published STAR rating in the traditional sense, but the rating will still be publicly posted.
  • Participants will be given opportunity to reflect on the experience; feedback will be shared with the Michigan Department of Education-Office of Great Start for consideration.
  • Pilot participants will be provided support, materials and language to communicate about their pilot rating. 

Communication About Your Rating

Pilot ratings will not display on the parent search on www.greatstarttoquality.org; however, all pilot participants will be listed on a document that will be hosted on the website here.  Participants will receive a certificate with their rating and assistance will be available to help with updating their program profile on www.greatstarttoquality.org to show that they participated in the pilot and have a rating.