Quality Child Care and Preschool Matters


Children start learning from day one, long before kindergarten.  Quality child care and preschool provides a safe and nurturing environment, and can help a child grow to be successful in school, work and life.


With Great Start to Quality, Michigan parents have a reliable and objective rating system to judge the quality of child care and preschool programs. Since most young children in Michigan are in child care or preschool, Great Start to Quality is a valuable tool, helping you find the best care for your child and the best value for your money.  Learn more about the quality rating system and how Great Start to Quality works.


Great Start to Quality helps parents and families find and compare early childhood programs and providers, by rating child care and preschool providers on a scale of one-to-five Stars based on program quality indicators for care, safety, professionalism and early learning.  


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Extra Support for Families


Great Start to Quality Resource Centers across the state are available to assist parents in their search for quality child care and preschool, and provide information about assistance to pay for care.  Resource Centers also have a lending library of books and other learning materials for families to use with their children.  


To learn more about what the Great Start to Quality Resource Center can do for you, call