Finding quality child care and preschool isn't always easy.


Great Start to Quality makes it easier, giving you the power to make a smart, informed decision and the confidence of knowing your child is in the very best hands.



Q. Why is the child care/preschool decision so important?

A.  A child's brain grows more in its first five years of life than it ever will again. By age 5, 90% of the brain's development has been set for life. How it is set depends on the child's early experiences. Loving and supportive people and settings help the brain grow.  Learn More


Q.  How do the program quality indicators relate to me?

A.  The program quality indicators used to rate providers and programs are about getting the best for you and your child. Some key things the ratings will show you are the education level and experience of providers and staff, types of activities for children, how the program is organized to benefit the child, and how the provider and staff engage you as a parent.  Learn More

Q.  What should I consider when looking for quality child care?

A.  Cost is important, but there are many other factors to consider when choosing child care or preschool. High-quality programs and care will be clean, safe, and have toys, books and activities appropriate for the ages of children attending. Adults will play, talk and listen to the children in meaningful ways. Families will feel respected and connected to the care of their child.  Learn More

Q.  How can I pay for child care? Is there help available?

A.  Are you worried you can't afford high-quality child care or preschool? If so, help may be available. There are several programs to help make quality affordable to you.  Learn More.


Contact your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center, at 1.877.614.7328, to see if there additional supports available in your local community.


Q.  Who can help me with my child care choices?

A.  Great Start to Quality has local resource centers throughout Michigan where staff can provide helpful answers to your questions. With just one phone call, you can get free information about several locations.  Learn More.