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Great Start to Quality is here to help you reach your highest potential as a caregiver and early childhood educator.  Whether you work in a licensed early learning program or provide unlicensed, but publicly subsidized care, Great Start to Quality will help you give the best care you can.


IMPORTANT GREAT START TO QUALITY - Uploading Documents as Evidence of your Self - Assessment Survey

Important Great Start to Quality Changes – Uploading Documents as Evidence of your Self- Assessment Survey


Great Start to Quality Version 2.0 launched on June 10, 2013.  Version 2.0 included many changes that were informed by program/providers across the state.  Accompanying these changes is the requirement that documents that provide evidence of a program’s Self-Assessment Survey be uploaded by the program rather than retain paper documents to be reviewed on site during the Self-Assessment Validation.  This requirement supports the sustainable implementation of Great Start to Quality statewide and assists with expediting program ratings. 


The number of documents required will vary based on the program’s Self-Assessment Survey, number of classrooms, and number of staff.  Larger programs that self-assess at higher quality levels may be required to upload multiple documents to provide evidence of the indicators that are checked in the Self-Assessment Survey. 


It is important to note that some of the “Required Documents” listed as the program completes their Self-Assessment Survey may be captured in one document, for example, a program’s handbook or employment policies may contain information that can serve as evidence for multiple items, which will reduce the total number of required documents.  A program should upload only the minimum amount of documentation that is required to show evidence of the Self-Assessment Survey indicator they have selected.     


A program who has selected a multi-classroom Self-Assessment Survey is able to indicate when a document provides evidence of an indicator for more than one classroom, limiting the number of documents that the program is required to upload.


For additional guidance please review the Evidence Checklist by Indicator by clicking here.


Programs requiring assistance with identifying or uploading required documents may also contact their local Resource Center by visiting here or calling 1-877-614-7328.


Common Questions from Providers & Educators

Q.  Why is quality child care/preschool so important?

A.  A child's brain grows more in its first five years of life than it ever will again. By age 5, 90% of the brain's wiring has been set for life. How it is set depends on the child's early experiences. Loving and supportive people and settings help the brain grow.  Learn More


Q.  How does Great Start to Quality help my program?

A.  Great Start to Quality helps you assess and improve your program, and offers a rating system to demonstrate your success to parents and grow your business.  Learn More

Q.  How can I find out how my program rates?

A. Great Start to Quality ratings can be found at

Q.  What supports are available to help me improve my program?

A.  Great Start to Quality provides a roadmap for you to improve the quality of your program. Trained consultants are available to guide you through the rating process and steps to improve your ratings, including training opportunities and workforce development.  Learn More


Q. I am a GSRP, HS or NAEYC accredited program using an Approved Rater to conduct my PQA®.  I understand I need a Classroom ID for my PQA® score to count.  What is that and where do I find it?

A.   Alternate Path programs using an Approved Rater to conduct their Great Start to Quality Program Quality Assessment® (PQA®) must log into their STARS profile and locate the unique Classroom ID for each classroom to be assessed.

• The Classroom ID is automatically generated in the STARS platform and includes the program’s license number.

•  The program must provide the Classroom ID(s) to the Approved Rater.

•  The Approved Rater must enter the unique Classroom ID in the online PQA® for the classroom being assessed.

•  If the unique Classroom ID generated in the STARS platform is not used, the PQA® conducted by the Approved Rater will not count for Great Start to Quality.


Click here for step by step guidance on how to locate and use the Classroom ID.