Thursday, July 18 to Tuesday, October 1

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Southwest Resource Center


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The Great Start to Quality Southwest Resource Center works with a variety of Community Partners to ensure we are in alignment with individual community's goals for early childhood, are working together to improve the quality of care and are informing local and state leadership of the needs of parents and providers.

Child Care Resources Board of Directors 

  • Mona Erickson, Retired HR from Interact
  • Amy Galliers, Great Start Collaboraitve Director - Branch
  • Margie Hojara, Hadsell Great Start Collaborative Director - Cass
  • Nicholas Boyd, PriAmerica
  • Terris Todd, Calhoun Community Action Agency
  • Thelma Carter, Group Home Child Care Provider
  • Amy Schmidt, Advia Credit Union
  • Kristina Wade, PNC
  • Jennifer Nottingham, United Way Kalamazoo/Battle Creek
  • Susan Clark, Calhoun Great Start Caollaborative Director

Resource Advisory Team 

  • Allegan Great Start Collaborative Director
  • Allegan Great Start Parent Coalition Liaison
  • Barry Great Start Collaborative Director
  • Barry Great Start Parent Coalition Liaison
  • Berrien Great Start Collaborative Director
  • Berrien Great Start Parent Coalition Liaison
  • Branch Great Start Collaborative Director
  • Branch Great Start Parent Coalition Liaison
  • Calhoun Great Start Collaborative Director
  • Calhoun Great Start Parent Coalition Liaison
  • Cass Great Start Collaborative Director
  • Cass Great Start Parent Coalition Liaison
  • Kalamazoo Great Start Collaborative Director
  • Kalamazoo Parent Coalition Liaison
  • St. Joseph Great Start Collaborative Director
  • St. Joseph Great Start Parent Coalition Liaison
  • Van Buren Great Start Collaborative Director
  • Van Buren Great Start Parent Coalition Liaison
  • Linda Dove, Western Michigan University
  • Regena Nelson, Western Michigan University
  • Carrie Harris, LARA Child Care Licensing Consultant
  • Sherry Van Maarten, Home Child Care Provider
  • Kristen Tenney-Blackwell, Infant/Toddler Mental Health Consultant
  • Sandy Standish-KCReady 4's
  • Maria Borden-BC Pulse
  • Zech Hoyt-YMCA, Niles, MI

In addition, our Resource Center staff work with a variety of other community agencies and groups as members of committees and coalitions. These committees and coalitions work to improve the conditions for all children in our region.