Western Resource Center

The Western Resource Center has many local partners across the region.  We partner with trainers, libraries, local Intermediate School Districts, child care programs, providers and families.  Wherever a community is working towards improving for their children, you will find us lending a hand. If you have any ideas on how we may be able to work smarter, better and faster together, please do not hesitate to contact our Resource Center Director, Sue Toman at 616-396-2301.  
A few partners that share our vision for our community are:
  • Local Great Start Collaboratives working to bulid an early childhood system in Michigan.
  • Local Great Start Parent Coalitions   
  • Local Libraries
  • Ready for School programs who work in the Holland, Zeeland and Hamilton areas to ensure children are ready for school.
  • Other partners are listed on the community resource page.

If you are interested in the Great Start Collaboratives or Great Start Parent Coalitions, you may find one in your area.