Providers & Educators

Great Start to Quality offers a variety of resources for all programs and child care providers. These resources range from direct assistance from a Great Start to Quality Resource Center to documents that will help you better understand Great Start to Quality.

The local Great Start to Quality Resource Centers offer:

  • Access to various tools and resources for your program.
  • A lending library with different types of learning materials.
  • Support with the Great Start to Quality rating process.

Resources for programs and providers include:

  • Documents to help you understand and navigate the rating process.
  • General information about Great Start to Quality.
  • Opportunities to find professional development trainings that meet your needs.
CLASS Age Levels Info Sheet
867.18 KB PDF file
An overview of the CLASS tools by age level.
Complete Organization Information
579.92 KB PDF file
This document is a quick overview of the process of completing the Organization Profile information in MiRegistry needed to participate in Great Start to Quality.
Core Knowledge and Competencies for Afterschool and Youth Development Professionals
9.92 MB PDF file
The Core Knowledge and Competencies explain the knowledge, skills and qualities needed by professionals to support learning, and provide high-quality care, for all children and youth in grades K-12.
Creating QIP Action Items
532.56 KB PDF file
Instructions for licensed child care programs to create Action Items in their Quality Improvement Plan in STARS.
Extensions and Restoration FAQ
272.45 KB PDF file
Find answers to frequently asked question about the 2021 rating supports for child care providers.
Great Start to Quality Acronyms
142.32 KB PDF file
Understand all the parts and pieces that make up Great Start to Quality.
Great Start to Quality Orientation - Level 1 Training Binder
73.08 MB PDF file
The content shared at the Great Start to Quality Orientation - Level 1 Training.
Great Start to Quality Parent and Families Brochure - Arabic
2.53 MB PDF file
Great Start to Quality Parent and Families Brochure - Spanish
2.62 MB PDF file
Great Start to Quality Parent Brochure - English
5.1 MB PDF file