Licensed Providers-The Child Care Stabilization Grant application closes December 8 at 6pm.

Earn a Rating

Earn a Rating

All programs and providers in the State of Michigan appear on Great Start to Quality as an Empty Star, meaning they are licensed. You can visit the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) to learn more about how to become a licensed program or provider.

If you choose to participate in the Great Start to Quality rating process, you will obtain your published rating on a scale of one- to five-stars.

Temporary Change for Earning Credit for Professional Development Indicators

Beginning on November 2, 2020, the way programs and providers earn credit for professional development indicators will change temporarily.  Credit will be earned for the appropriate professional development indicator, when:

  • a program indicates they meet the indicator,
  • all staff members are connected to the Organization Profile,
  • all staff have an individual MiRegistry membership or are in the membership approval process. 

This change is in response to the overwhelming influx of individuals seeking MiRegistry membership which has caused approval timelines to exceed the 6 weeks processing goal. This adjustment, for the indicators listed below, will be made through December 31, 2021. Learn more and check out our Frequently Asked Questions document here

Great Start to Quality from Start to Finish

The chart and steps below show you the steps you will take when you choose to participate in the Great Start to Quality rating process.

Rating Timeline

While the time it takes to earn a Star rating can vary, general timelines are below:

  • Organization Profile Approval: 3 business days
  • Membership Approval: 4-6 weeks from application and materials submission date
  • Application Approval: 4 business days
  • Self-Assessment Survey: Once submitted, the contact person can expect a phone call from a Great Start to Quality staff member within 2 weeks
  • Quality Improvement Plan: This is specific to each program and selected action Items
  • Validation: Up to 45 days
  • On-Site Assessment: Up to 45 days
  • Published Rating:  Valid for 2 years; programs can choose to apply for a new rating at any time

Terms and Definitions

Need to update your profile?

You can update your program profile to make sure families are seeing current information about your program or to access Great Start to Quality STARS.

Need assistance?

Great Start to Quality has local resource centers across the entire State of Michigan and are available to you for assistance, tools and resources.

YouTube Channel

Looking for additional assistance? Great Start to Quality has launched a YouTube channel and will be updating it with relevant, helpful tips and tutorials.

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