Quality Improvement Plan

A Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) allows programs to create and track action items related to the Great Start to Quality Program Quality Indicators.  The QIP is available for any program eligible to participate in Great Start to Quality and can be found in the Organization Profile under the STARS tab in the Case Overview.  Contact the local Great Start to Quality Resource Center to learn more about support provided by Quality Improvement Consultants in creating and completing QIP Action Items.

  • Begin creating Action Items for the QIP to help earn, maintain, and improve the program’s Star rating.
    • The QIP is available in the Case Overview as soon as the Organization Profile is created, allowing Action Items to be created at any time.
    • Programs that create Action Items related to professional development or staff qualifications, which are monitored by a Quality Improvement Consultant or someone with a Master’s degree, can earn credit on the Self-Assessment Survey.    
  • The QIP within Great Start to Quality STARS allows the program to select the indicators it would like to work on
    • You can identify goals, strategies and action steps to help in your quality improvement efforts.

At any point, after an Organization Profile is approved in MiRegistry, you can access your Organization’s Quality Improvement Plan to create and track goals for program quality improvement. Learn about these steps

Creating Action Items

View this video to learn more about where to find the Quality Improvement Plan on the STARS platform and how to create and manage Action Items.

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