Thursday, April 22 to Monday, May 31

Child Care Providers-You have been hit hard during this pandemic and we hear you!  Rating extensions and supports are now available.  Learn more!

Providers & Educators

One of the goals of Great Start to Quality is to provide supports for programs to maintain and improve quality over time.  This can be done through the Re-Rating and Reassessment processes noted below.

What is Re-Rating?

Re-Rating is the process programs and providers use to earn a new rating, based on current program practices and staff, before the published rating expires. The programs expiration date may be found on the star rating certificate or by emailing

The Re-Rating process may start six (6) months prior to the expiration date of the program's published rating. During the six-month window programs maintain their current rating. 

The programs primary contact will receive an email notifying the program of eligibility for the Re-Rating process at 90 and then at 30 days before the published rating expiration date. 

What is Reassessment?

Great Start to Quality recognizes programs may experience changes that could affect their published rating. Programs that meet specific criteria will have the option to apply for Reassessment prior to their expiration date. Applications for Reassessment may be made  You can apply on the Great Start to Quality website six months after receiving a published rating. 

What are the criteria for Reassessment?

Programs must meet one or more of the following criteria to apply for a Reassessment:

  • Key staff changes (examples: new program staff, new administrators)
  • Licensing capacity changes (examples: previously licensed to care for 50 children, now licensed for 100 or change in number of licensed classrooms)
  • Ready to participate in the validation process (example: previously declined or unable to contacted)
  • Ready to participate in the School-Age Program Quality Assessment (SAPQA) process (examples: previously declined or postponed)
  • Significant changes have been made in quality