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Self-Assessment Survey

The Great Start to Quality Self-Assessment Survey allows programs to evaluate and provide evidence of quality program practices as they relate to the Great Start to Quality Program Quality Indicators.

Completing the Self-Assessment Survey

  • Select the Great Start to Quality Indicators that reflect what is true for the program.
    • Based on the program quality indicators selected on the Self-Assessment Survey, upload documents to support those selections.
  • Before submitting the Self-Assessment Survey, review the Employees tab to see that MiRegistry Memberships are showing a status of Awaiting Print or Current.
    • Only Qualifications and Professional Development verified through the MiRegistry membership process will count towards the Self-Assessment Survey for Great Start to Quality.
  • Organizations can begin working on the Self-Assessment Survey while the MiRegistry membership process is taking place.
  • Once you complete the Self-Assessment Survey and upload documentation to support your selections, you are ready to submit your Self-Assessment Survey.

Watch the video and review the guide on how to complete and submit the Self-Assessment Survey and please contact your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center online or by calling 1-877-614-7328 if you need assistance.

Earning Credit for Professional Development Indicators

Beginning January 1, 2022, in order to earn credit for Professional Development indicators for Great Start to Quality, all professional development for all staff must be approved and taken through MiRegistry. Training in MiRegistry must be delivered by an approved trainer/training sponsor and the content must be approved and aligned to the relevant Core Knowledge and Competencies. This provides for a measure of quality assurance and supports the professionalism of the workforce. In addition, taking training through MiRegistry will reduce membership processing times significantly and will allow training to appear on an individual’s Learning Record as soon as attendance is recorded.

Understanding the Self-Assessment Survey

Need help understanding the indicators on your Self-Assessment Survey?  Refer to the Program Quality Indicator Guidance Document for the program’s Self-Assessment Survey type.

Submit a Self-Assessment Survey

Learn how to complete and submit a Self-Assessment Survey.

Approved, Screening, Assessment, and Curriculum

Learn more about which child screening, assessment and curriculum tools have been approved for use by the Department of Education.

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