Self-Assessment Survey

The Great Start to Quality Self-Assessment Survey allows programs to evaluate and provide evidence of quality program practices as they relate to the Great Start to Quality Program Quality Indicators.

Completing the Self-Assessment Survey

  • Select the Great Start to Quality Indicators that reflect what is true for the program.
    • Based on the program quality indicators selected on the Self-Assessment Survey, upload documents to support those selections.
  • Before submitting the Self-Assessment Survey, review the Employees tab to see that MiRegistry Memberships are showing a status of Awaiting Print or Current.
    • Only Qualifications and Professional Development verified through the MiRegistry membership process will count towards the Self-Assessment Survey for Great Start to Quality.
  • Organizations can begin working on the Self-Assessment Survey while the MiRegistry membership process is taking place.
  • Once you complete the Self-Assessment Survey and upload documentation to support your selections, you are ready to submit your Self-Assessment Survey.

Watch the video and review the guide on how to complete and submit the Self-Assessment Survey and please contact your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center online or by calling 1-877-614-7328 if you need assistance.

Understanding the Self-Assessment Survey

Need help understanding the indicators on your Self-Assessment Survey?  Refer to the Program Quality Indicator Guidance Document for the program’s Self-Assessment Survey type.

Submit a Self-Assessment Survey

Learn how to complete and submit a Self-Assessment Survey.

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