More than 700 new neural connections form every second in the early years of life.       The benefits of high-quality child care and preschool last a lifetime giving children a foundation for success in school work and life. Learn More
Programs and providers are awarded from one to five stars based on the number of state standards they meet.  Learn More



Great Start to Quality rates child care and preschool programs to make sure every young child in Michigan has a high-quality early learning experience.  Learn More
Great Start to Quality helps programs and providers improve their services and share their successes with parents, based on an objective rating system. 
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Great Start to Quality helps families - who are the biggest investors in child care and preschool - spend wisely.  Learn More 




Great Start to Quality Resource Centers across the state offer free help on using the rating system to both providers/educators and parents.  Learn More 




School Age Design Project

Learn more about the School Age Design of Great Start to Quality Project!
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Providers & Educators

Great Start to Quality helps parents find the best early learning settings for their children and helps providers and educators improve the care they give to children.  
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