Coach Review

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What it Means?

Coach Review happens when a program is in Enhancing Quality, and after a program applies for Validation and On-Site Observation. This is to ensure programs feel supported and confident to move to the next steps in the process and that they are successfully completing goals.

Because the Self-Reflection is not scored and the threshold of ‘Currently Meeting’ only one Quality Indicator may not indicate readiness for the On-Site Observation, Quality Improvement Coaches must review at least one completed goal in the program’s Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). Coaches will reach out to programs, talk through goals and quality improvement efforts, and support updating and resubmitting the Self-Reflection for Validation, mark goals as reviewed when applicable.

Why it’s Important

To prepare for Validation and On-Site Observation, programs and coaches can use the Guide for Coach Review below to continue to reflect on program quality. The Guide for Coach Review gives programs clear guidance and offers coaches clear benchmarks when supporting programs. If programs are eager to move forward with Validation and On-Site Observation, but don’t meet many of the benchmarks, the can do so in order to get a sense of the process and create goals for quality improvement.  

Self-Assessment with ERS and SEL PQA

As part of the Self-Reflection there is an indicator to encourage programs to conduct a self-assessment using Environment Rating Scales or the Social Emotional Learning Program Quality Assessment. This is a great way to support quality improvement and prepare for On-Site Observation. A Quality Improvement Coach may review the results with the program to establish goals for improvement.