Children learn so much in their first five years. By creating a safe, nurturing place for children to learn, explore their world and build relationships, you are setting the foundation for them to be successful in school, work and life. Part of providing an environment that allows children to learn, grow and develop is having the tools and resources you need available. Great Start to Quality offers child care providers several resources such as orientation, professional development, and other benefits. 

Great Start to Quality is Michigan’s quality recognition and improvement system that supports programs and educators in their efforts to provide high-quality care while helping families find and choose quality programs that meet their children’s needs. Great Start to Quality helps programs get the tools and resources you need to succeed. The goal is to make sure every young child in Michigan has a high-quality learning experience. 

Need to update your profile?

You can update your program profile to make sure families see the most current information about your program or to access the Great Start to Quality system.

Want to participate?

By participating in Great Start to Quality’s improvement process, you will have access to additional resources and services to help you provide the best care possible. Participating will also allow your program to demonstrate its quality to families searching for care for their children.

Great Start to Quality Resource Centers

Great Start to Quality has local Resource Centers across the entire State of Michigan. The Great Start to Quality Resource Centers are available to you for assistance, tools and resources.

Looking for Professional Development?

The Great Start to Quality Resource Centers offer various trainings on topics related to child development, early childhood, business practices and other subjects.

Great Start to Quality Orientation

The Great Start to Quality Orientation is for Level 1 License Exempt Providers who are interested in receiving Child Development and Care subsidy.

Benefits for Providers & Educators

Participating in Great Start to Quality provides you with the opportunity to apply for incentives, grants and additional bonuses to help you obtain necessary resources to provide the best care possible.