MiRegistry Membership

Because the MiRegistry system is the foundation for the Great Start to Quality system, a program and its staff must take the following steps in MiRegistry to access GSQ and begin the quality improvement process:

  • Create a MiRegistry Account:  The administrator or director of a program must create a MiRegistry account. If your program has staff, each person must also create a MiRegistry account.
  • Become a MiRegistry Member:  All program staff must have a MiRegistry membership status (Submitted, Materials Received, Awaiting Print, Current, or Expired) by submitting an online application and sending in acceptable documentation for MiRegistry to verify an individual’s education history, qualifications, credentials, and professional development hours. Please note all staff must also have your program verified as their employer on their MiRegistry Profile / membership application.

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MiRegistry Membership Toolkit

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Additional information about MiRegistry Membership:

  • Membership processing can take 4-6 weeks. Individuals cannot edit (add employment or personal information) their profile during this time as MiRegistry is processing application information. If the program has a Quality Level, please consider this timeline prior to expiration.
  • Documentation: It is recommended that individuals request their official transcripts (if applicable) and send (email, fax, or mail) with all professional development right after submitting their MiRegistry membership application, directly to MiRegistry. This can all be done on the same day, which will streamline the process. To learn more about sending documentation, visit this Resources on Becoming a Member page.
  • Employment: For Individuals completing their employment information, it is important to note that if the individual has more than one role (i.e. Director and Lead Teacher) each role must be added separately.  
  • Contact the local Great Start to Quality Resource Center for additional documentation specific to the organization type.
  • Becoming an Approved Trainer: If a member of your staff offers training at your program, they should consider becoming a MiRegistry Approved Trainer. Individuals can apply to become an Approved Trainer at the same time they apply for MiRegistry Membership. To learn more about becoming an Approved Trainer, visit MiRegistry’s Resources on Becoming an Approved Trainer.
  • Membership Renewal: MiRegistry Members are encouraged to renew their membership on a yearly basis.  For members that have an updated transcript or specific professional development hours they need verified sooner, they may renew their membership at any time. To renew, individuals must log in to MiRegistry and submit the online application and then send the corresponding documentation to MiRegistry.
  • Self-Reflection: Verified information individual staff have in MiRegistry, related to education and training, will transfer directly into the Self-Reflection. This means the program’s information will be in one place and will not have to be entered multiple times. 

Create an Individual Account

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Becoming a MiRegistry Member

Learn how individuals become members of MiRegistry. This is an important step for staff of childcare and schoolage programs.