Professional Development

Professional Development

Part of having a high-quality program is continuously working on developing skills and knowledge around early childhood and child development. Great Start to Quality provides you with various resources and training to do so. 

Every Great Start to Quality Resource Center offers various materials to assist you and providers opportunities for professional development. There are child care trainings offered throughout the state that touch on many different subjects related to child development, early childhood and business practices. These trainings are created to help improve the quality of your child care program.

The Statewide Training Calendar on MiRegistry

All Great Start to Quality training can be found on the Statewide Training Calendar in MiRegistry.

Looking for training?

You can search for trainings throughout the state of Michigan offered by the Great Start to Quality Resource Centers.

Children and families experiencing homelessness?

Your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center is offering a three hour training to support and provide an understanding of the facts about families experiencing homelessness and their rights through the McKinney-Vento Act. 

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