Great Start to Quality Participation Data

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Great Start to Quality Participation Data

Licensed programs and providers in Michigan participate in the Great Start to Quality rating process on a voluntary basis. The number of programs and providers who choose to participate and have a published star rating are updated on a monthly basis.

Great Start to Quality Program Participation as of January 5, 2023

Early Childhood Program TypeTotal Number of Eligible Programs StatewideEmpty Star1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 StarPublished 1 to 5 Stars
Child Care & Preschool Centers37751364674903119623263.87%
Group Child Care Homes1438
Family Child Care Homes1938114336117588282641.02%
Tribal Program1360024153.85%
Tribal Home11000000.00%
Out-of-School Time746762411127108.65%
Total Programs:79503929943012043126132550.58%
Total Percentages:100%49.42%1.18%3.79%25.70%15.82%4.09% 

Total Number of Participating Programs: 4,021
Total Number of 3, 4 and 5 Star Programs: 3,626

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