Great Start to Quality Participation Data

a group of African-American preschoolers sitting on the floor while a teacher reads them a book. The front girl points at the book

Licensed programs and providers in Michigan participate in Great Start to Quality’s quality process on a voluntary basis. The number of programs who choose to participate and have a Quality Level are updated on a monthly basis.

Great Start to Quality Program Participation as of May 1, 2023

Early Childhood Program TypeEligible Programs StatewideMaintaining Health and SafetyReflecting on QualityEnhancing QualityEnhancing Quality – ValidatedDemonstrating QualityTotal in QI Process
Child Care & Preschool Centers36821296135898112822564.80%
Group Child Care Homes1458
Family Child Care Homes19371166137582282439.80%
Tribal Program137014146.15%
Tribal Home1100000.00%
Out-of-School Time74867938137119.22%
Total Programs:783938874082037119131650.41%
Total Percentages:100%49.59%5.20%25.99%15.19%4.03% 

Total Number of Participating Programs: 3,952
Total Number of Programs in Enhancing Quality or Higher: 3

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