How is SEL PQA used?

SEL PQA observations will be conducted by trained and reliable observers focusing on a rich, engaging environment, and effective interactions. This could be a Great Start to Quality Assessor or an Approved Assessor. In programs with multiple groups of schoolagers, a walk-through method will be used where the Assessors spends time observing each group during one On-Site Observation visit.

* Because measuring quality in schoolage programs is a new process, a program’s first set of schoolage observation scores will not be used to determine whether the program meets Demonstrating Quality. Schoolage observations scores can be used by the program to create goals for quality improvement. The next time a program comes through the quality improvement process and moves onto On-Site Observation, schoolage observations must meet threshold scores to achieve Demonstrating Quality.

Beginning on February 1, 2025, threshold scores for all schoolage observations will be factored into the determination of the program’s quality level.

Who can use SEL PQA?

The SEL PQA is used in programs that serve schoolagers in separate settings than children under age 5. The program may only serve schoolagers or schoolagers are in separate classrooms than younger children.

Threshold Scores

Programs must score a 3.5 or above for each group or classroom observation to reach Demonstrating Quality.

Resources and Training

The SEL PQA tool is available to anyone to download for free. Visit the Weikart Center website to fill out the form to download the tool. The Weikart Center also offers a full menu of trainings and supports for schoolage staff to support quality improvements for schoolagers.