MiRegistry Organization Profile

Creating a MiRegistry Organization Profile for your licensed program and making sure all staff are MiRegistry members is the first step to participating in Great Start to Quality. Because Great Start to Quality also uses the MiRegistry system you will no longer need to enter the same information in multiple systems. With your MiRegistry Organization Profile, you can better track staff professional development. Below are resources, tips, and instructions on how you should set up your MiRegistry Organization Profile:

  • Getting Started: Log in to your MiRegistry account and create an Organization Profile for your program. To better understand how an Organization Profile works, download the Managing Your Organization Profile guide.
    • Approval of an Organization Profile can take 1-3 business days.
  • Employment: Staff (including the director or administrator) must indicate your organization as their employer on the Employment tab of their individual MiRegistry Profile.
    • As the owner of the Organization Profile, you may invite members of your program’s staff to update their employment history in MiRegistry.
    • Be sure to confirm and verify staff employment on the Employees tab of your Organization Profile.
  • Classrooms: The director or administrator must add classrooms to the Classrooms tab, along with staff. Programs are encouraged to contact their local Great Start to Quality Resource Center to talk through their classrooms as well as staffing positions to be sure the information is completed correctly.

Learn about the connection between MiRegistry and Great Start to Quality.  Please contact the local Great Start to Quality Resource Center online or by calling 1-877-614-7328 if you need assistance.

Invite Staff to the Organization

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MiRegistry-Great Start to Quality Connection

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MiRegistry Organization Profile Overview