License Exempt Provider Preservice Training

License Exempt Provider Preservice Training: Level 1 of Michigan’s Quality Development Continuum Training

The License Exempt Provider Preservice Training (LEPPT) Level 1 is a seven-hour training for child care educators provided for those interested in participating in the Child Development and Care program.

This training is a basic overview of the following items:

  • Child development
  • Setting up shared expectations for children in your care
  • Health, safety, and nutrition
  • First Aid and CPR certification

It is important to note that the Child Development and Care Program revises and updates the Child Development and Care (CDC) subsidy handbook. The most recent issue of the Child Development and Care (CDC) handbook can be found through the Michigan Department of Lifelong Education, Advancement, and Potential.

Documents and Resources

Find LEPPT Training

License Exempt Provider Preservice Training includes topics related to child development and health and safety.

Virtual LEPPT Slides

Review the slides that were used during the License Exempt Provider Preservice Training. If you’d like to see the resources and information the trainer talked about look at the full binder.

Full LEPPT Binder

Take a look at the full License Exempt Provider Preservice Training Binder shared at the training.

LEPPT Binder – Spanish

La orientación de LEPPT de entrenamiento del nivel 1 completo:

Individual Sections from Preservice Training

These five sections were taken from the orientation binder to provide you with the ability to find specific information quickly:

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5

Want additional information?

If you need additional information regarding this training or training materials, please contact your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center.

Training Videos

Participants were shown various videos during LEPPT Level 1 that highlighted relevant child development topics discussed in training.

5 Steps for Brain-Building Serve and Return

Did you know that you can help build a child’s brain – starting even before babies can talk? Simple “serve and return” interactions between adults and young children help make strong connections in developing brains. And, it’s easy and fun to do!

Dad and Son Have Adorable Conversation

You won’t want to miss this adorable moment of a father and his toddler having a full-fledged conversation about what they’re watching on TV. 

Coronavirus FAQ: Why Is Hand-Washing Important?

Dr. William Schaffner is a recognized expert in infectious diseases. Watch him answer some frequently asked questions about coronavirus.

First Aid For A Choking Child

Learn First Aid For a Choking Child

First Aid For A Choking Infant

Learn First Aid For a Choking Infant

CPR for Infants
(Newborn to 1 Year)

Cincinnati Children’s Demonstrates Infant CPR (Newborn to 1 Year)

CPR for Children
(1 to 12 Years)

Cincinnati Children’s Demonstrates Child CPR
(Ages 1 to 12 Years)