Conflict of Interest Updates

If you are currently a Great Start to Quality Approved Assessor, you will need to keep your conflict of interest information updated.

Questions about Approved Assessors or Conflicts of Interests can be emailed to

Conflict of interest is defined as:

  • Having supervisory responsibility for the program, classroom, or staff that is being assessed.
  • Having a personal relationship with the director, owner, or staff of the program.
    • A personal relationship would be defined as a friend or family member.  An Approved Assessor would not be able to conduct a PQA at a friend or family member’s program.  Specific situations can be shared during the Approved Assessor certification process and will be considered on a case by case basis. 
  • Having worked for the program in the past.
  • Having an employment or contractual relationship with a Great Start Collaborative, Great Start Parent Coalition, or Great Start to Quality Resource Center to fulfill the duties of a Director/Coordinator, Parent Liaison, Quality Improvement Consultant, or Quality Improvement Specialist.
  • Having a relationship with the program that results in financial benefit.
Conflict of Interest Updates
By signing this Conflict of Interest form I certify that I am free of conflict of interest as defined above.
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