License Exempt Provider Grant FAQs

A: Yes, if you received the email your name was given to us from the Michigan Department of Education as having billed for providing care during the eligible timeframe.

A: The amount is based on the number of approved applications received by the 1/20/2023 deadline. It is likely to be approximately $1000.

The goal is to begin distributing funds at the end of February.

A: No, you do not have to pay the grant back. It is yours to spend, as the state of Michigan wishes to acknowledge you for your service to children and families.

A: You can use the money any way you please. There are no spending guidelines.

A: Follow the link in the email sent to you.  Select log in.  Then a code will be sent to you. Enter the code, and it will take you to the application. The application is fairly easy to complete.

A: We will need to verify your eligibility. Once verified, we will update your email address in the database and send you the email link for the application.

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