Thursday, April 22 to Monday, May 31

Child Care Providers-You have been hit hard during this pandemic and we hear you!  Rating extensions and supports are now available.  Learn more!

Getting Started

If the program is selected for validation after submitting the Self-Assessment Survey, a member of the Validation Team will contact the program.  The Validator will review the Self-Assessment Survey selections and review all uploaded documentation prior to contacting the program.

Validation includes:

  • A member of the Validation Team will review of the Self-Assessment Survey and the uploaded documents.
  • A Validator will have a conversation with the prorgram about the Self-Assessment Survey and documentation. If during the call, the program and the Validator identify additional documentation is needed, one full week will be given to upload the additional documentation.  
    • Once the validation call is complete, the program may have to upload additional documentation and resubmit the Self-Assessment Survey (SAS). Learn more about these steps
  • Programs that receive a 4 or 5 Star validation, will move to the on-site assessment step of the rating process.
  • After the validation is complete, the program will receive results from a Quality Improvement Consultant from your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center.

What to Expect