Licensed Providers-The Child Care Stabilization Grant application closes December 8 at 6pm.


If the program is selected for validation after submitting the Self-Assessment Survey, a member of the Validation Team will contact the program.  The Validator will review the Self-Assessment Survey selections and review all uploaded documentation prior to contacting the program.

Validation Includes:

  • A member of the Validation Team will review of the Self-Assessment Survey and the uploaded documents.
  • A Validator will have a conversation with the program about the Self-Assessment Survey and documentation. If during the call, the program and the Validator identify additional documentation is needed, one full week will be given to upload the additional documentation.  
  • Once the validation call is complete, the program may have to upload additional documentation and resubmit the Self-Assessment Survey (SAS). Learn more about these steps and watch the video
  • Programs that receive a 4 or 5 Star validation, will move to the on-site assessment step of the rating process.
  • After the validation is complete, the program will receive results from a Quality Improvement Consultant from your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center.

Access Validation Results

Learn how to find the program’s validation results by viewing the video.

What to Expect:

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